Effective Ozempic Face Surgery New York

Ozempic Face

A new cause of an age old problem

Over the past few decades weight loss options have become more and more common, and the number of patients successfully shedding unwanted pounds is increasing dramatically. Attention to healthy lifestyles, surgical weight loss and now potent medications including samaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy, Rybelsus) has dramatically increased the number of people losing significant weight. Significant weight loss can cause excess hanging skin all over the body and face, that is often exaggerated by rapid weight loss, and the appearance of an unhealthy and aged look.

There are many options for improvement of the effects of weight loss on sagging skin and a premature aged look. Fillers and other injectables are often great for facial wrinkles exacerbated from weight loss. If surgery is needed, most procedures are quick with minimal down time. Losing the weight was the hard part. Now its time to complete the journey and look your best.

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