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Is your active lifestyle affecting the youthful and supple appearance of your skin? Or are you concerned about blemishes such as scars and moles? You are not alone. One of the simplest ways to transform and enhance the appearance of your skin is with laser treatment at Plastic Surgery of New York.

Using advanced laser technology and our patient-driven, surgeon-guided approach, we achieve outstanding results that lead to supple, blemish-free skin. Across any area of the body, lasers can be used to treat acne, scars, sun spots, fine lines, hair, wrinkles, tattoos and more. For those simply looking to achieve a more youthful look, a quick session of laser treatment can build collagen, which is the key ingredient to flawless skin.

Laser treatments are scarless and simple, leaving patients more confident than ever before.


  • Effortlessly look rejuvenated and energized with beautiful skin
  • Confidently show off areas you used to hide due to moles and sunspots
  • Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos
Non-Surgical Laser



Through a consultation with our doctors, you can discuss your specific concerns and check out our treatment options—many of which are far less expensive than expected. You will find that we can treat most areas in just a few brief visits, with minimal downtime and fast recovery.
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