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Bigger simply does not always mean better. Large breasts can be heavy and can cause discomfort to your neck and back, stopping you from living an active and energetic lifestyle. Breast reduction surgery at Plastic Surgery of New York successfully reduces weight and size. Creating smaller, firmer and more balanced breasts, reduction surgery can revolutionize your comfort levels.

Our patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach produces outstanding results, time and time again.


  • Significantly reduced back and neck pain
  • Enhanced wardrobe choice
  • More control over movement and exercise
  • Increased confidence and balanced body proportions
  • A few weeks recovery time
Breast Reduction



One of the main ways in which breasts can contribute to a woman’s beauty is by accentuating femininity, but in a controlled and proportionate fashion. When breasts are out of proportion or extremely large, they can actually detract from a woman’s beauty by making her appear older or more overweight than she is.
In a highly personalized consultation, we will educate you about each stage of the process and collaborate with you to choose the breast reduction aesthetics for your body. During the procedure, your board-certified Plastic Surgery of New York physician will make strategically placed incisions around your breast and will then remove excess skin and breast tissue. This simple procedure results in very acceptable scars and unprecedented freedom, delivering breast sizing and shape that is proportionate to the rest of your body.
In the first few weeks after breast reduction there is usually a lot of swelling in the breast and the patient will appear larger than they will be. It may take a few months or even a year to see your final result. However, the immediate effects are fantastic; a lot less weight on the neck, back and shoulders. Patients also see an immediate lift and improved symmetry.

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