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Breasts that are too large can be uncomfortable, have a disappointing appearance, and can cause discomfort to your neck and back, stopping you from living an active and energetic lifestyle. Breast reduction surgery at Plastic Surgery of New York successfully reduces breast weight and size, creating smaller, firmer, and more balanced breasts.

Dr. Elkowitz can reduce and rejuvenate the look of your breasts and will reshape your breasts to a lifted, round and properly positioned breast and nipple. Differences in sizes, nipple position and many other unwanted aspects of your breast’s appearance can be corrected with minimal down time and the latest minimal scarring techniques. You will be amazed at the changes we can make and how good you will look and feel! Come experience our patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach and see how Breast Reduction surgery can revolutionize your lifestyle and appearance.

Breast Reduction


  • Significantly reduced breast size and improve comfort
  • Enhanced wardrobe choice
  • More control over movement and exercise
  • Increased confidence and balanced body proportions
  • A few weeks recovery time



When breasts are out of proportion to a women’s body or extremely large, they can actually make her appear older or more overweight than she is. The proper breast size can significantly improve a women’s appearance and confidence.
In a highly personalized consultation, we will discuss each stage of the process and choose the breast reduction technique for your body. During the procedure, Dr. Elkowitz will make strategically placed incisions and will remove excess skin and breast tissue. This simple procedure results unprecedented freedom, delivering breast sizing and shape that is proportionate to the rest of your body.
In the first few weeks after breast reduction there is swelling in the breast and it may take a few months to see your final result. The immediate effects however are fantastic; a lot less breast weight an immediate lift and improved symmetry. Most patients are happy with the improvement immediately after surgery.

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