At Plastic Surgery of New York our philosophy is focused on treating patients with complete respect. We truly go above and beyond, surpassing nationwide safety and privacy standards. By carefully discussing each procedure with you, we also educate you about everything you need to know, helping you to start your journey in an informed and confident way. We are dedicated to a patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach. Our philosophy is split into three main areas:

Respect for the Patient

  • Due to the excellent results we achieve our practice is largely referral-based, but all are welcome. We maintain strict confidentiality despite the fact that our patients may know each other. We carefully adhere to the permission we have to discuss patients, their results and their procedures with their referrals. 
  • We stringently follow federal privacy laws and surpass the medical health information privacy requirements defined by HIPAA.
  • We deliver only the highest quality results to our clients, respecting their vision and needs. All of our talented physicians are board certified. Each of our plastic surgeons are an esteemed member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 
  • Our office is equipped with multiple waiting and consultation rooms in addition to multiple entrances and exits, enabling true privacy for our valued clients.


  • Each and every procedure is carried out in a sterile, clean environment. 
  • We adhere to rigorous exam room sanitizing practices, strictly tracking and controlling cleaning and sanitization. 
  • We have developed a rigorous COVID-19 response that has been implemented throughout our offices. Read more here.


  • We believe that your cosmetic procedure should be something you thoroughly understand. From the procedure through to aftercare, we ensure you understand the process and your choices, every step of the way. 
  • Our pre-consultation offers an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your ideas with our surgeons. If you ever have any concerns, a member of the Plastic Surgery of New York team is available to you 24/7.

The Plastic Surgery of New York practice is dedicated to creating aesthetically pleasing, natural, balanced results, through the most cutting-edge medical procedures. Our unique philosophy enables us to deliver that in just the right way.