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Your ears can sometimes be damaged from years of wearing heavy earrings, leading to long and sagging lobes. Many people find that suddenly they are no longer able to wear the beautiful jewelry they love. Beyond that, their confidence is affected as their ears are no longer what they used to be! This is only made worse by the effects of gravity and time which may add wrinkles, too.

It’s also often the case that earlobes are torn or injured when playing sports or when damaged in an accident. Whatever the cause, Plastic Surgery of New York is here to help. We can quickly fix all issues – reshaping, repairing and completely refreshing the way your earlobes look.

Get your confidence back and stop worrying about your ears with a simple procedure carried out by our expert board-certified surgeons.

Earlobe Repair New York
Earlobe Repair


  • Wear the jewelry you love and show off your rejuvenated look to the world
  • Enhance your confidence and feel free to wear hairstyles that show your ears once again
  • Quick and simple procedure performed under local anesthesia
  • Ears can be pierced immediately after the procedure



Plastic Surgery of New York specializes in ear repair surgeries, such as treatment of torn earlobes (typically caused by long-term wear of heavy earrings). This procedure involves quick repair under local anesthesia, and most patients can pierce their ears immediately.
Simply book in for a consultation with the expert Plastic Surgery of New York team in order to get started on your journey to healed and repaired earlobes.
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