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A toned, slim back can make you feel fantastic, whether you’re wearing a bathing suit or hiking in sports gear.

Genetics, weight loss, and aging can contribute to excess skin in the upper, mid, and lower back. Many people find back fat particularly hard to lose through diet and exercise, and for that reason they turn to the immensely popular option of back liposuction, and in more significant cases direct excision of problem areas.


  • A contoured look that perfectly fits tight-fitting clothes and bathing suits
  • Significantly increased confidence in figure and proportions
  • Minimally invasive procedure
Back Liposuction
Back Liposuction


  • What sometimes can appear as a poorly fitted bra or top is actually due to excess fat in the upper back area. The simple procedure of liposuction can remove that fat and create a more streamlined silhouette resulting in better fitting clothing and increased comfort and confidence.



After a thorough consultation with our team, we will schedule your procedure. On the specified day, you will be taken to the procedure room and the operation will begin. Barely-noticeable incisions can often be made and the fat from the problem areas will be removed. This leaves you with a toned and slimmer back.
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