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As a result of ageing, weight changes and pregnancy, your veins will become more prominent across various areas of your body. At Plastic Surgery of New York, we can create a quick and easy treatment plan for getting rid of those bothersome veins on your legs, face, or virtually anywhere else on your body. Our modern yet firmly established treatments include surgical vein removal, sclerosant injection therapy, and advanced laser techniques. In many instances, an unwanted and unsightly vein can be eliminated painlessly and in mere seconds.


  • Smooth and clear skin, free from disruptive veins
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Freedom to wear shorts, swimsuits and more
  • Enhanced self esteem and confidence
  • Veins can be treated and disappear within seconds
Surgical Veins
Surgical Veins New York



The elite Plastic Surgery of New York team are experts at creating beautiful vein removal results, leaving you with smooth, refreshed skin. Very often with laser, you can expect a scarless complete obliteration of unsightly spider veins, virtually anywhere in the body.
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