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At times, even the most rigorous exercise and diet plans may not address stubborn areas of unwanted fat.

The flanks, commonly referred to as love handles, present a persistent challenge for many of our patients. Recognizing this, Dr. Elkowitz, alongside our highly-trained staff at Plastic Surgery of New York, specializes in providing efficient and effective solutions through love handle liposuction.

Treatment for the flanks can be seamlessly integrated with other procedures like abdominoplasty or back contouring, following our doctor-guided and patient-driven approach. This comprehensive strategy can yield significant improvements in your overall physique, enhancing both your appearance in clothing and out.

Flank Liposuction
Flank Liposuction New York


  • Achieve a contoured and toned figure with a slimmer-looking waist
  • Attain natural-looking results
  • Enjoy the ability to wear tighter-fitting clothing that complements your shape and frame.



The process commences with a thorough consultation with Dr. Elkowitz and our experienced team. On the day of the procedure, tiny, barely noticeable incisions will be made. The precise removal of excess fat from the flanks, guided by our surgeon guided and patient-driven approach, will leave you with a toned contour and heightened confidence.
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