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Sometimes, even the most vigorous exercise and diet plan leaves you with unwanted areas of fat.

The flanks, often known as love handles, are an incredibly common stubborn problem area for many of our patients. For this reason, the highly-trained Plastic Surgery of New York surgeons are experts in creating quick and easy love handle liposuction solutions.

Treatment of the flanks can be combined with other procedures such as abdominoplasty or back contouring, as deemed appropriate through our patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach. This can have remarkable effects on your overall shape both in and out of clothing.


  • Contoured and toned-looking figure with slimmer-looking waist
  • Natural-looking results
  • Wear tighter-fitting clothing that suits your shape and frame
Flank Liposuction
Flank Liposuction New York



The process begins with a thorough consultation with our team. On the day of the procedure, tiny, barely-noticeable incisions will be made. The perfect amount of fat from the flanks will be removed, leaving you with a toned contour and increased confidence.
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