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Lip Enhancement

Full lips are a symbol of beauty and youth. Dr. Elkowitz at Plastic Surgery of New York can help you achieve balanced, plump and natural-looking lips through a variety of procedures, including surgery and injectables. Our patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach creates outstanding results, time and time again.

Lip Enhancement
Lip Enhancement New York


  • Improved self confidence and a stunning smile
  • Pouty, balanced and beautiful lips, all day, every day
  • Incredibly natural-looking results
  • Quick and easy recovery time


  • Cheek enhancement, lip enhancement and chin enhancement can be achieved either through fillers or a surgical procedure. Both techniques can replace lost volume or create volume that is naturally less in people with thin lips.



The mainstay of lip enhancement is injection with filler materials, such as Juvéderm. Injections to the lip offer a youthful appearance and fuller lips. A surgical lip lift, on the other hand, is carried out by our expert surgeons, who start by creating a small incision just below the nostrils. This keeps the incision well hidden below the nose. The upper lip is then lifted, giving the permanent appearance of upper lip fullness and enhancing one’s smile.

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