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Perfectly defined cheeks can be a magnetic and attention-grabbing element of your face. At Plastic Surgery of New York, Dr.Elkowitz is adept at creating fuller and more defined natural looking cheeks. Regain the youthful fullness of your face with quick and simple procedures ranging from injections to fat and implants.

Cheek enhancement can be performed alone or in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures. Leveraging our patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach, we will discuss the details with you in our comprehensive consultation to decide together what’s best for you.

Cheek Enhancement Near Me


  • Rejuvenated and defined appearance of the cheeks
  • Balanced and attractive facial shape
  • Cheek enhancement can positively affect the whole face
  • Quick recovery time with long-lasting results


  • Maybe you have lost volume in the cheek area from aging or perhaps genetics has not gifted you with prominent cheekbones. In either case, fillers or surgery can add volume to the cheek area, giving you greater contouring and definition.



Enhancement can be done quickly and simply with Voluma filler. We also offer the option to inject your own fat, either alone, or in combination with other, more complex operations such as cheek implants, or repositioning cheeks that have flattened and migrated with age.

The short answer is no. You will experience, of course, mild discomfort. Bruising and swelling may take a few days to completely subside, however during that time you will be able to live and work as normal.
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