Your nose plays an important role in shaping your face. It’s very common to find that your nose has a bump, feels too large and asymmetrical, or is the wrong shape. This can cause dissatisfaction and low self esteem.

At Plastic Surgery of New York, we expertly carry out rhinoplasty (“nose jobs”), reshaping and resizing your nose in a way that looks truly natural with a patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach. Whether you’re correcting a prior injury or not, our minimally invasive procedures produce outstanding results, and you’ll find that even a small adjustment can have a big impact.

We avoid the overdone or “turned-up” look of the ’80s and ’90s, and focus on using state-of-the-art techniques to fine-tune your existing features for a natural-looking more proportional nose.


  • Beautiful, natural-looking nose that enhances your features
  • Correction of damage caused by nasal injury
  • Removal of bump
  • Narrowing or widening of nasal bridge as appropriate
  • A finely sculpted nasal tip
  • Specialized and expert Plastic Surgery of New York nose job surgeons
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  • More commonly known as the “nose job,” rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures. This treatment can correct damage caused by nasal injuries, as well as reshape or resize your nose. Rhinoplasty procedures generally take a few hours, recovery is relatively painless, and bruising usually lasts less than one or two weeks.



There is no definition of the perfect nose. Very often, patients will go to a surgeon who tends to give everyone the same nose, which is a real mistake. The nose needs to fit the person; their personality, their face, their overall appearance, their body, their ethnicity and more. All of those elements combined add up to what that person’s nose should look like.

The first step is a detailed consultation with one of our expert, board-certified surgeons to discuss your concerns. Then, during the procedure, nearly invisible incisions are made mostly inside the nose. These allow access to the underlying framework where we carefully remove and rearrange precise amounts of bone and cartilage thereby creating the perfect nose for you.

Rhinoplasty procedures generally take a few hours. Recovery is relatively painless, and bruising usually lasts less than one or two weeks.

Sometimes referred to as “revision rhinoplasty,” secondary rhinoplasty is a procedure performed on patients who have previously undergone nasal surgery and are unhappy with the results. We often take on extremely difficult cases, transforming unsatisfying results into a beautiful and natural-looking nose.
In general, the surgical techniques are similar for both men and women when it comes to a nose job but there are important differences to consider. For example, for men it is important to avoid feminizing the nose, making it too dainty. With women, it’s important to avoid making the nose too small or perfect where it would look unnatural.
You will need to rest and relax for around 2 weeks after your surgery. Your nose may be swollen after the procedure, but most patients will see results immediately after the splints are removed. Those results continue to improve over time, leaving you with a beautiful facial aesthetic.


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