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Ear surgery at Plastic Surgery of New York can be either cosmetic or reconstructive, depending on the needs and goals of each patient.

Many children, from around age 5, have ears that are too prominent. The social stigma that unfortunately begins in childhood can follow them through to adulthood. Patients may also have experienced damage from earrings, tearing or a birth deformity that stops them from living their lives with confidence.

Our advanced techniques enable us to deliver perfect results for everything from torn earlobes to imperfectly formed ears from birth. We conduct each procedure with the highest standards of medical care and a patient-driven, surgeon-guided approach, achieving outstanding results that leave our patients feeling happy and confident.

Ear Surgery New York
Ear Surgery


  • Ear procedures are quick, safe and deliver outstanding results
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Improving the appearance of your ears can have a significant effect on your social interactions
  • Get back to wearing earrings that you may not have been able to wear for years with repaired earlobes


  • Due to the varied conditions that can affect the appearance of your ears, a wide range of procedures are available to help improve their look and restore your confidence.



Plastic Surgery of New York specializes in ear repair surgeries, such as treatment of torn ear lobes (typically caused by long-term wear of heavy earrings). This procedure involves quick repair under local anesthesia, and most patients can pierce their ears immediately.

For defects caused by skin cancer or trauma to the ear, a more extensive procedure can rebuild the cartilage and skin of your external ear. Our doctors usually complete these reconstructions in one or two stages.

Plastic Surgery of New York also performs surgeries to reduce the size of excessively large ears (a condition called macrotia). Using advanced techniques to remove skin and cartilage, our doctors delicately conceal most evidence of surgery by placing scars in the shadows of the ear creases. The result is a dramatically improved appearance, with exceptional patient satisfaction.

For children and adults alike, ears that stick out can cause embarrassment and anxiety. Often, children are mocked or harassed at school; unacceptable behavior which is an unfortunate reality.

In many cases, protruding ears result from weak cartilage that prevents the ear from properly folding back.A simple day surgery can correct protruding ears in children and adults. This surgery involves folding the cartilage into the proper position, then holding it in place with sutures. Known for their high levels of patient satisfaction, Plastic Surgery of New York’s otoplasty techniques leave only an external scar behind the ear, where it’s not noticeable.

Come in to Plastic Surgery of New York for a consultation, and find out how our otoplasty procedures can enhance your appearance as well as improve your confidence.

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