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Though often overlooked as a cosmetic element, your chin can add unexpected and subtle shaping to your face that can be remarkable! In particular, some patients find that they have a weak or poorly projected chin that can easily be corrected with either one of a few simple procedures.

From chin implants to injections, Dr. Elkowitz at Plastic Surgery of New York can add definition to your chin and give your face an improved balanced look. These options have minimal to zero scars with minimal down time.

Chin Enhancement Specialists
Chin Enhancement


  • The chin is enhanced creating balance and proportion
  • Increased confidence and boosted self esteem
  • Simple procedure takes less than an hour
  • Injections can take mere minutes
  • In general, patients can be back to work either immediately or within a few days.



The procedure itself is simple. Hidden incisions are made either in the mouth or just below the chin. Dr.Elkowitz at Plastic Surgery of New York will then add chin prominence with a soft invisible and permanent implant.
Come in and see us for a consultation. You may be a candidate for a simple injectable correction that can take minutes and can last up to 1 year.

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