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Breast Lift

Important milestones such as having children and achieving weight-loss (surgically or naturally) can revolutionize and transform your life. These changes can affect your body in the form of sagging breasts and lost volume.

At Plastic Surgery of New York, Dr. Elkowitz can greatly enhance and rejuvenate the look of your breasts with a breast lift. A breast lift will reshape your breasts to a lifted, round and properly positioned breast and nipple. Differences in sizes, nipple position and many other unwanted aspects of your breast’s appearance can be corrected with minimal down time and the latest minimal scarring techniques. You will be amazed at the changes we can make and how good you will look and feel! Breast lift can keep your volume with a beautiful shape and position.

Breast Lift


  • Rejuvenates your breasts without significantly reducing breast size
  • Breasts will look perkier and feel firmer than ever before
  • Increased wardrobe choice and proportional figure
  • Outpatient procedure completed in just a few hours
  • Two – six week recovery time



We will carefully assess your options, discussing your body shape and desired results during your consultation. In some cases, the Plastic Surgery of New York doctors can restore position and shape simply by removing excess skin.

During the procedure, Dr. Elkowitz will create subtly-placed incisions, designed to be hidden wherever possible. Then, he will remove excess skin and reposition your existing breast tissue in order to reshape your breast to a preferred shape and position.

After a short healing process you will be astonished by the fantastic and firm results achieved.

This is dependent on age, weight changes, health, and your body’s tissues. The good news is that most patients experience long-lasting beautiful results that they are happy with for many years.
Within weeks of your breast lift, you’ll be able to exercise and live as you did prior to the surgery. Although some soreness immediately after surgery is to be expected, this can easily be managed with pain medication. You will feel a significant improvement over time – to match your improved confidence and shape!

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