As you know, breasts come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re not satisfied with the current appearance of your breasts then breast augmentation might be the procedure for you. Maybe you’ve noticed some asymmetry. Perhaps your body has changed due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. You may feel that they are just too small for your figure or desired aesthetic.

Plastic Surgery of New York offers permanent breast enhancement to make that stunning, well-balanced and attractive figure a reality with a patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach. Renewed lift and shape can be achieved with a simple implant.


  • Enhanced breast shape, appearance, and size
  • A feminine, proportionate and youthful figure
  • Feeling happy and comfortable in the way your body looks and your clothes fit
  • Recovery time from a few days to a few short weeks
  • Our expert surgeons provide thorough aftercare
Breast Implant Specialists New York
Breast Implant Specialists


  • Although breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures, it can be anxiety-inducing due to the number of decisions involved regarding size, shape and placement of the implants. While a discussion of saline vs silicone or placement above the muscle vs below is too involved for here, these choices will be fully discussed with you during your personal and private consultation to ensure your comfort along every step of the decision process.

Hear from Dr. Elkowitz

Dr. Elkowitz Explains Breast Augmentation Sizing



The size of a person’s breast is relevant in two ways. One is in how a person feels about themselves and the other is a question of balance. A lot of women are unhappy because they feel that their breast size does not fit the rest of their body. In terms of aesthetics, the more balanced you are, the more aesthetically pleasing that is.
Outstanding results come from well-planned procedures and informed decisions. At Plastic Surgery of New York, we offer a pre-consultation breast implant kit so that you can experiment with implant size. We then help you select the breast size, shape, and implant material that best suits your needs. Small, well-placed incisions are used to make a pocket just large enough to place the perfectly-sized implant. This allows for a well-shaped breast with a new size that’s proportionate to your body’s unique shape.
The ideal breast augmentation candidate has stable weight and is otherwise healthy. It’s important to have a consultation so that we can discuss your situation and the
ideal solution for you.
As the chest muscles stretch and relax, the tightness will go away. This takes one to two weeks.
This will vary depending on each patient and also whether the implant is above or below the muscle. For implants that are above the muscle, the patients are usually unrestricted in terms of physical activity after about a few weeks and will report feeling completely recovered with no discomfort after about two months. For implants placed under the muscle, this can go on for
another month or two.

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