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At Plastic Surgery of New York, we have developed our popular Breast Rejuvenation procedure specifically for you; women who require lift, shape and volume. Instead of merely enhancing or reducing, we’re re-crafting and resetting your body back to a more youthful baseline with a patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach.


  • Enhanced breast shape and volume
  • Increased confidence and rejuvenated look
  • Quick and easy procedure utilizing cutting-edge methodology
  • Recovery can be from a few days to a few short weeks
Breast Rejuvenation New York



Our personalized service includes a consultation where we collaborate with you to tailor-make the perfect procedure for your body. This may include a breast lift, breast augmentation, and in many instances you can achieve your goals without an implant and with limited scarring, amongst a suite of other options.
A breast rejuvenation can be done as an outpatient procedure in a safe, certified operating room within 3-4 hours. With no need for an overnight stay, many people find this to be a convenient and pleasant option.
The procedure itself will be carried out while you are under anesthesia. Breast surgery recovery involves some pain, however, the majority of patients find it’s very manageable with minimal medication requirement and our aftercare plan.
Patients tend to feel back to normal (with significantly increased confidence) after just a few weeks of restful and relaxing recovery time.
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