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April 2022

Can you get a breast lift without implants?

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The short answer to this important question is: yes, you can. We’ll now examine the mastopexy procedure (also known as a breast lift) a little more closely to consider some of the reasons why you may choose to have a breast lift without implants. We’ll then explore the benefits of choosing to have both procedures (breast lift and implants) done at the same time.

Mastopexy Procedure

Many patients opt for this procedure when they are seeking to remove excess skin from the breast area, to elevate or reposition the nipple area, or to reshape the existing breast tissue, achieving similar results to a small implant. Breast tissue often changes as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and the natural aging process, so a breast lift is a recommended option for anyone who has experienced such changes to their body and would like to enhance their aesthetic. 

In short, a breast lift can help change existing breast tissue and enhance the overall appearance of your breasts. However, it is not meant to add volume or fullness to the shape of the breasts. That’s where breast implants come in. 

Getting a Breast Lift Without Implants

There are many aesthetically-pleasing outcomes that have resulted from choosing to get a breast lift without implants. This type of cosmetic surgery can certainly rejuvenate your breasts, especially if you’re experiencing any sagging or drooping in the breast tissue. Heavy or large breasts can be a contributing factor to sagginess and can even cause premature aging of the skin. 

When patients experience significant changes to their bodies, it can create issues with self-confidence. Choosing to have a breast lift has the potential to restore some of that confidence to create a look that you’re genuinely happy with.

Dr. Elkowitz can help you create a more youthful appearance and he has performed numerous successful mastopexy procedures. However, there might be some reasons why you may want to consider an augmentation-mastopexy procedure. 

Augmentation-mastopexy Procedure

This combined procedure has the potential to rejuvenate the breast tissue and overall appearance while adding volume to the size of the breasts with the use of implants. A breast lift alone cannot achieve a fuller look, and as a result many patients often choose this double procedure to reconstruct the breasts. Oftentimes when the mastopexy surgery alone is done, it can leave the breasts looking less full due to removal of excess tissue, or reconstruction using the available breast tissue.

With today’s 3D technology, it’s possible to view how you may look if you were to choose both procedures and this might aid you in your decision-making process. Dr. Elkowitz will be sure to accompany you through every step of the process to make sure that you are confident in your decision. 

Getting a Breast Lift with Implants

When opting for both the breast lift procedure and implants, the breast lift is expected to elevate and rejuvenate the breasts, and the implants are meant to create more volume. They are two different procedures that can truly offer beautiful results in combination with one another. Not only will you achieve an aesthetically pleasing look, but you will also be able to enjoy a more voluptuous and curvy figure if that is your desired outcome.

There is also often a cost-savings benefit when choosing to do both procedures at once, in addition to saving time during the healing process (one surgery vs. two separate surgeries in case it was something you were already considering).

Ultimately, there are many things to consider when thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery. If you’re considering having any of these procedures done, be sure to contact our office today so that we can help answer any remaining questions you might have and aid you during this important decision-making process. We are there for our patients from day one and Dr. Elkowitz is ready to meet you on your journey.

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