Patient Care in Great Neck New York- PSNY

Our Team

With expert support and attentive care, our team ensures that each patient journey is perfectly planned and carefully executed

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Andrea Castro, Director of Patient Care

  • Certified Medical / Clinical Assistant
  • 10+ years of experience working in the medical and cosmetic industry
  • Expert guidance and care during the patient journey

Andrea holds the dual role of Director of Patient Care and Office Manager at Plastic Surgery of New York. Her strategic skills and high levels of organization enable her to seamlessly manage the operations of the PSNY office, while also providing expert patient support. Andrea will ensure all elements of your experience at Plastic Surgery of New York are well-aligned and smooth-running, resulting in the highest quality of care. From finances to the logistical planning of multiple sessions and follow-up appointments, Andrea’s approachable and friendly manner will put you at ease.

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Holly Jurkovic, Patient Care Coordinator

  • 20+ years of experience in the aesthetic space
  • Patient care specialist and strategist
  • Logistical expert

Holly is a Patient Care Coordinator at Plastic Surgery of New York. She works closely with patients within the cosmetic arm of the practice, managing their journey towards feeling and looking their best. Holly is a trusted expert in the cosmetic space, and she leverages her outstanding organizational skills and cosmetic expertise to help clients with all aspects of booking their care; from financial elements through to the logistical planning of dates and appointment details.

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