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June 2022

Set your sights on beautiful eyes

1. Surgery of the upper eyelids is one of the most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons. It is used to eliminate excess fat and skin in the upper eyelids. It leaves a very small, well-tolerated scar in the upper eyelid that is barely perceptible. The great frequency of this procedure is indicative of its success rate, its tolerability, and patient satisfaction. 

2. Lower eyelid surgery consists of a variety of surgical procedures that are designed to eliminate visible fat and excess skin. A primary objective of lower eyelid surgery is to hide the surgical scars as well as possible. Fortunately, eyelids have creases and lines in areas that assist in hiding and camouflaging most surgical incisions.

3. An eyebrow lift is a great way to significantly improve facial aging. Facial injectables are sometimes used to reposition eyebrows. Upon injection, facial muscles relax in one area and can result in the shifting of tissue from one area to another. This technique is sometimes used to shift the position of the eyebrows to a more desirable location. 

4. The final option, which is often quite successful in repositioning and shaping eyebrows, is surgery. The procedure places the eyebrows in a slightly elevated and arched position. Many of these incisions can be hidden within the hairline and have minimal visibility. In most instances, scars are barely noticeable, and patients are very satisfied with the outcome. 

The shape of a person’s eyelids and eyebrows has a significant impact on his or her overall beauty. The condition of someone’s eyebrows and eyelids has the potential to make someone appear to be much older than they are. For instance, lowered or flattened eyebrows often make a person appear older and angry, which can significantly detract from their overall appearance. Excessive skin and fat in the upper and lower eyelids can do the same. Although these conditions often occur as part of the normal aging process, they are also common in much younger individuals and not associated with age.



The upper and lower eyelids should be free of excess skin and fat, but not excessively hollowed or deformed.

The eyebrow should be properly positioned and slightly arched. When this balance is achieved, the results are quite satisfying.



The surgical correction of the eyebrows, lower eyelids, and upper eyelids often occurs simultaneously. This is particularly true of the eyebrows and upper eyelids. Nevertheless, each surgical procedure is individualized, the details of which should be discussed with your physician prior to a related procedure. 

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