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Micropigmentation is a cutting-edge method of increasing the appearance of the hair’s density. This is particularly useful for people who wear their hair shaved to their heads. Using thousands of carefully placed tattooed dots, the bald scalp is filled in with pigment that resembles stubble.

With different distributions, shades, and depths of pigment, a cosmetically-appealing and natural-looking result can be achieved. Plastic Surgery of New York offers a truly premium service for micropigmentation, as our procedures are carried out by highly trained medical doctors, instead of medical aestheticians.


  • Transformed confidence and the appearance of thicker hair.
  • You can throw away your hats and hoodies – stop hiding your scalp!
  • Quick and easy outpatient procedure
  • Long-lasting results



Using a small needle, hypoallergenic pigment is inserted under the skin. The pigment is used to subtly shade and fill in the areas where hair is sparse, creating the overall illusion of a denser and thicker head of hair.

With a quick recovery time, most patients find themselves back at work the very next day after the procedure.

Micropigmentation lasts from 3-5 years before another session is required to top up the pigment. As hair continues to recede, patients may also require further sessions to fill in the newly-balding areas.

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