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Lower Eyelids

Whatever your lower eyelid concern; bags, puffiness or dark circles, here at Plastic Surgery of New York we have the solution.

The skin around your eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your body, which means it’s one of the first facial features to show signs of ageing. With our minimally invasive procedures, we can tighten and refresh the way your eyes look, removing shadows and creating natural-looking results.


  • Fresh, energized and well-rested look for the eyes
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Hidden scar in the eyelid
  • Removed shadows and dark bags
  • Natural-looking results
  • Recovery time less than two weeks
Lower Eyelid Specialists


  • Since the skin around your eyes is so thin, this is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging and can be a problem even for younger patients. A simple outpatient procedure like lower eyelid surgery can smooth out the baggy areas and tighten the skin giving a refreshed and youthful appearance.

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A board-certified Plastic Surgery of New York surgeon will create a small incision just below the eyelashes. Alternately, you may opt for a completely invisible incision to be made on the inside surface of the eyelid. The fat pockets causing the bagginess and dark shadows are removed and the area is tightened, reducing the puffy and tired look of the lower eyelid.
Lower eyelid rejuvenation surgery can be performed using either an internal or external incision to address bulging fat pockets, removal of excess skin, and the position and function of the lower eyelid. These different approaches should be discussed with your surgeon as one option may be preferable depending on your lid function, age and other aspects of your anatomy.
After surgery you will spend a short time in the recovery room and then go home that same day. You will receive detailed aftercare instructions about cleaning, recommended activity, rest periods and more. Bruising and swelling generally subside within a few days after the
procedure. Many people find that the results of this surgery last a lifetime.
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