Body Contouring
After Weight

Weight loss is a fantastic accomplishment. You’ve done the hard work; now let us magnify your achievement by removing that troublesome excess skin.

Our patient-driven and surgeon-guided approach helps you to achieve your vision, leaving you energized and healthier-looking than ever before.

Expert, high-quality body contouring at Plastic Surgery of New York removes excess skin and fat, while improving the shape of the underlying tissue.


  • Shaped and contoured post-weight-loss figure
  • Quick outpatient day surgery
  • Long-lasting and significant improvement to your body contouring
Body Contouring New York
Body Contouring Specialists



Body contouring after weight loss involves removal of excess hanging skin and fine tuning liposuction. It is a very gratifying experience for patients pre-op, as they can simply point to the problem areas that will be removed, recontoured and fixed in just a few hours.

The surgeons at Plastic Surgery of New York use the most expert, cutting-edge techniques to remove excess and bothersome skin that hangs, gets in the way of clothing and exercise, and even causes rashes, infections and even foul smell. Many of the patients who undergo this type of surgery cannot believe how the surgeons at Plastic Surgery of New York have changed and improved their lives.

Come in for a consultation at Plastic Surgery of New York to learn more about liposuction and body contouring.

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